Miss Wits: My Journey


“Miss Wits Varsity Shield First Princess: Fezeka Mkhabela”



For first time in a long time I am proud of myself. I suppose a statement as such might be strange – but honestly, I truly am. There are certain points in our lives that we find ourselves in positions of mediocrity; these are positions whereby we go through life barely making any moves from the minute we wake up till the minute we fall asleep and the next 24 hours we experience continues as a cyclic blur. Then there are certain moments, brief as they may, where we realize our potential and aim as high as we can and when I submitted my entry, it was one of these moments.

The process of Miss Wits Varsity Shield 2016 was different from the previous years as the Varsity Shield Rugby games where post-poned and as a result so was the competition. Nonetheless, it was still a rather incredible journey. I went through two sets of interviews the first being the Top 10 determining interview and the second being the Top 3 determining interview as well as a Top 5 determining shoot and voting process (which was the most stressful – for me). Furthermore, as contestants we all collectively worked together to raise funds for the Keep The Aggro on The Field Campaign (Support Against Women Abuse) now known as iDUC.

I’m so grateful to have been announced the First Princess – would I have loved to win? Of course, however certain doors are not for you because other doors will open will for you. The journey was an incredible one which taught me that beauty must lead with purpose because platforms such as these are for social development more than anything. It is important to be intellectual, well-read, well-kept and most importantly to give back to your community (in heels of course).

I give my gratitude to the Varsity Shield sponsors, who made this opportunity possible, Steinhoff International, Cell C, Spur, FNB and Legit – an even bigger thank you to Miss Wits Varsity Shield 2015 Buhle Someketa for being an incredibly inspiration, judge and overall organizer throughout the pageant. I wish the very well-deserved reigning queens Miss Wits Varsity Shield 2016 Errin Brits and the Second Princess Nande Mabamba a year full of growth and strength to overcome the obstacles which come your way.

The experience taught me that nobody will want what I want for myself more than me and for that reason I need to go after what I want with arms wide open. One of my favourite quotes is, “Aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars and on top of the world,” this is true for me right now at this moment.


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