Poetry: Black Flower

I was having a conversation with her and it all came to light,

An epiphany, a revelation, my third eye opened to a sight,

In the mind of my metaphors I saw red rose and a yellow lily bloom in the sunlight,

They stood in their magnificence. A nature, God created to exist

I asked her, what if a red rose decided it hated its red and its rose?

Thus, choosing to dress in the petals of a yellow lily

Its phenomena now hidden from the light

The red rose would never truly exist.

She was content with that, comfortable in a world where her red rose natural is not enough and forbid it ever breathe light

I told her, I stripped the yellow petals off of me

My red rose breathed in the light and for the first time I saw beauty, power and talent…

Oh my, what and an incredible sight

My colour red not yellow is enough for me

Where I stand, I become the light

I am ready for war

To her, be like the red rose who found light in the red and its rose…

Fall into the mind of your metaphors

Let your epiphany guide you

Your revelations challenge you

And your third eye open you

Photography: Artizens of Joburg



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