Speech: Blacker The World Becomes

“Blacker The World Becomes” Performed at Afrospeak 2/03/16

“A people without a positive history is like a vehicle without an engine. Their emotions cannot be easily controlled and channelled in a recognizable direction. They always live in the shadow of a more successful society.” Words by Steve Biko

Good-evening to all the empowered minds here tonight.

For a long time I have asked myself why Black History begins at slavery. I have asked myself why MY HISTORY, as a Black individual, began when a White man set foot on my land and decided that from now forth my fate is in his hands.

Why do Black people reject themselves and in rejecting themselves; are so eager to welcome Western ideologies and ways of living?

Perhaps, it’s because at the end of the day, who could take pride in slave history?

Who wants to take pride in Barbaric, Dark Africa?

Who wants to take pride in an Africa today that isn’t accredited to its people?

Who wants to take pride in the fact that you are at the bottom of the social and economic pyramid and that the fundamental truth is that Black lives DON’T matter?

I was incapable of accepting that my history begins at slavery, that the Africa I live in today isn’t accredited to me, that my Africa is Dark and Barbaric.

So I started to dig and the more I dug the more I realized that the war on Black people is deeper than what we see; that the white-washing of Black History is a beast that is alive and well.

The product of what I found… It’s still very much a work in progress but I title it:

“Blacker the World Becomes”

Black Wall Street, Tulsa. A Black empire regenerating itself to empower was burnt to ashes because white folk couldn’t handle the prosperity of their former slaves

Blacker the World Becomes

‘Ethopia’ translated to the ‘burnt-faced people’ check the texts of Greek historians. They praise you and me

Blacker the World Becomes

Arabic Algebra invented by African Arabs who conquered Spain and Portugal and carried academic advancement into Europe

Blacker the World Becomes

Ever heard of Beethoven? I’d like re-introduce you: Real name Toven Bey, A Black Moor

Blacker the World Becomes

Mizraim, another name for Egyptian, son of Ham. African by blood

Blacker the World Becomes

Scripture: Moses taught in all wisdom of the Egyptians. Black Egyptians. Egypt original name – Kemet ‘Land of the Blacks’ and in case you don’t believe me the afro-comb, braids, head-dress, head elongation found all across Africa, the Massai, Zulu, Mangbetu also found within Egyptology

Blacker the World Becomes

The great south empire of the Nile, Kush of Nubia, modern day Sudan (in case they never taught you in school)

Blacker the World Becomes

Greek Mythology: Medusa. Head full of snakes, poetic metaphor, it was dreadlocks

Blacker the World Becomes

Ausar, Auset and Heru. The Father, the Mother, and the Child – the original holy trinity

Blacker the World Becomes

‘No matter where the Black man is, he will never be truly respected until Africa is a world power.’ Long live Malcolm X

Blacker the World Becomes

The more they dig. The more they find us. This world mirrors us, from the Bushmen of East Asia to the Xi of South America. Black history has been written out so that we may never understand our true greatness… Africans ruled the world and Africans will rule again.

Blacker the World Becomes…

Thank you


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