Poetry: Painkiller 



Have you ever been almost dead?
You wake up in disbelief that you’re alive?

Ever reached a rock bottom so heavy
You lay there unable to receive life

Have you ever popped painkillers
Letting your pain literally kill ya

Doctors rushed to me
Pump that shit out and life back into me

In a dazed state of mind, I see you

Fuck. I just woke up in ICU
Maybe I was blind, young naive stupid

Investing myself in someone else, stupid

You woke up and told me you aren’t enough stupid

I was shattered
Broken, bruised bitch I was battered

I wish I was strong then so none of that bullshit could’ve mattered

You killed me.
Loaded your ammunition & walked away like that was your was your best decision
Pop that painkiller.

So deep in depression, the star of my own thriller

Pop that painkiller

So scared of a relapse I’m ready to meet God she will be my distiller

Pop that painkiller

I hope you see the consequences of ur actions clearer

Pop that painkiller

If I get a second chance I will  pay thanks to my giver


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