Poetry: My Love, My Universe


A poem, by Fezeka

Let us roam with the stars because they dance around us
And with their dance they intertwine deeply into us and become our collective soul
We are the sun
Your body heat warms mine and we radiate
We feed the earth because our love is hot and pure

Let us be shooting stars gliding through the sky’s                              At, constant velocity we have nothing to stop us – we run away together
We are the moon
Our magnificence so sublime they come to us but cannot travel to the deepest parts of us

Let us be a spaceship moving effortlessly through the light years
We are aliens
Before you, my love became so alien I didn’t know I would have the strength to find it lost inside of me and give it over to you

Let us take it all
We are the gods of the galaxy – a conspiracy like the Annuaki
We are a constellation
Guiding each other home with Orion’s Belt



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